Tobacco Smoking Regulation

 Moldavian Parliament adopted in the final reading of the bill on the control of tobacco products, developed by the Ministry of Economy. Now, in the republic will be prohibited sale of tobacco products from 22.00 to 08.00. The law also provides for a ban on the sale of fine and aromatic (menthol, vanilla, etc.) cigarettes and smoking in public places.
smoking ban

 No smoking in the car and on the balcony when children are near, in all kinds of public transport stations, stadiums, playgrounds, medical or educational institutions. In addition, you can not smoke in the elevators and common areas of apartment buildings, in playgrounds, in the borders of the territories occupied by beaches, in areas of social services, petrol stations, workplaces.

 Cigarette shops selling should be located at a distance of 200 meters from each other. They can not be placed closer than 50 meters to the educational and medical institutions.

 There are restrictions on the sale of cigarettes online, as well as their distribution via cell phones. It is forbidden to place cigarettes on visible places in commercial centers. For infringement of the law will be charged fines - up to 8000 MDL for individuals and up to 10 thousand MDL - for businesses.
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