Antismoking Law, Voted in Final Reading in the Republic of Moldova

The tobacco products that are flavored with mint, vanilla, caffeine, but also slim cigarettes, will be interdicted in the Republic of Moldova. The smokers risk to be sanctioned, the fine varying from one thousand to ten thousand lei, if they will smoke in public places, in transport or in rooms without ventilation.

The package of tobacco laws has been adopted today in the second reading by the Parliament with the vote of 69 deputies. It is about several amendments to the law on tobacco, but also to the Contravention Code.

The law project interdicts smoking in all public places, especially in transport, at stations, stadiums and playgrounds, in medical and educational institutions. Smoking won't be permitted also at balconies and cars, if there are children around. Otherwise, those that will infringe these provisions will be sanctioned with fines between 1000 and 3000 lei for individuals or till 10 thousand lei for persons with responsibility function that will admit this vice.

According to the bill, the kiosks that sell tobacco products must be placed at a distance of at least 200 meters one from another and of 50 meters from the educational institutions and medical institutions.

At the same time, between 10 PM and 8 AM, it is interdicted the commercialization of tobacco products which contain nicotine in trade units. It will be interdicted also the selling of the tobacco products to minors, the trader being obliged to verify the age of the person.

As well it is interdicted the trade of the slim cigarettes, of the tobacco products which contain flavors of mint, vanilla, caffeine, but also another additives. The Health Minister affirms that the flavored cigarettes contain toxic substances that affect people's health more than tobacco. These only create the impression that the product presents a reduced danger.

It is imposed interdiction at the on-line selling, but also the trade of the tobacco through machines, as well as the visible exposure of the tobacco products in shops accessible to public.

According to statistics, 51 percent of adults of the Republic of Moldova is smoking, fact which positions our country on the first places from Europe. 62 percent of smokers started to smoke till the age of 19 years old and 90% till the age of 25 years old. In last years increased the percentage of women who started to smoke because of the orientation of the marketing of the tobacco products upon women.

The tobacco products contain over 4 thousand chemical compounds, among which 480 are toxic, 70 are carcinogen. The exposure to tobacco smoke causes different types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, increased risk of blindness and impotence, reduction of fertility, impact upon unborn child, etc.

The tobacco consumption and the exposure to tobacco smoke is the second factor from those ten risk factors that contribute to the burden of diseases among men in the Republic of Moldova and the seventh among women. So, thousands of people in the RM suffer from one or more from those six main categories of diseases associated to smoking: bronchitis, lung diseases, stroke, heart failure, asthma, lung, pancreas, esophagus and stomach cancer.

The studies show that about 50% of smokers from Moldova die prematurely, and the death happens in average with 14 years earlier.
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