Candidate for Profession of Lawyer in Moldova Suggests Amending Law on Advocacy

According to Dumitru Buliga, a Moldovan candidate for profession of lawyer who applied to be admitted to the bar, The Law on Advocacy in the Republic of Moldova should be reviewed because some its provisions stimulate corruption. The young lawyer formulated a number of proposals in this respect, and he plans to submit them to the competent parliamentary commission.

It was noted that there are no clear criteria for assessing the candidates and in such conditions it’s not clear why some are accepted, while others candidates are rejected. A number of illegalities committed by the licensing commission are determined by the human factors and by the imperfection of the relevant law.

Dumitru Buliga explained that the legislation does not necessitate the members of the commission to give details or to explain their decision when they reject an applicant for the profession of lawyer in Moldova. The commission’s decision can be challenged in the administrative courts of law only in regard to the examination procedure, not yet the result of the exam.

In this way it is necessary to take note of this situation and to change the Law on Advocacy, if Moldova really want to make a reform in the justice sector in order to become a state with the rule of law, where the basic rights and fundamental freedoms are defended by qualified and professional lawyers.

It is a fact that a part of those who want to become lawyers, though they have a high professional training level, are not able to take the exam owing to the corrupt system, which is protected by the law.
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