Inmates in Moldova will Wear Bracelets and Transmitters to be Monitored by Police

The convicts will wear bracelets and transmitters which, because GPS technology will signal by telephone (mobile, stationary) Monitoring Centre on areas allowed for finding infringement. This a new legislative update conissting of a provision in the bill to amend and supplement legislation on probation, approved by the Executive.

The project establishes rules to prevent violations of probation conditions and ensuring the security of citizens. Electronic monitoring of prisoners due to start in 2015. The first year will be monitored nearly 100 people, with a gradual increase in their number to 500 in 2018. Considering the number of subjects of electronic monitoring are needed four monitoring centers and server.

According to Justice Minister Oleg Efrim, the bill also provides for the establishment of district advisory councils probation. Their role will be to streamline reintegration into society probation subjects locally.

Government approved the Regulation on the Register of detained, arrested and convicted. They will be included in a single register containing all the information in the books of the Department prisons, probation office, Ministry of Interior and the National Anti-Corruption.

Justice Minister said that the single register will facilitate monitoring the conditions of detention and treatment of detainees, including decisions taken on their complaints. Register will be non-stop and will only electronically, which will facilitate and accelerate the exchange of information between law enforcement agencies.

Rules were drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee against Torture of the Council of Europe.

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