Decision on the Concept of Integrated System of Electronic Documents Circulation

No. 844 of 26.07.2007
Under the Law No.264-XV of 15 July 2004 on the electronic documents and digital signatures (Monitorul Oficial of the Republic of Moldova, 2004, no.132-137, art.710) and with the purpose to ensure the creation of the integrated system of documents for the public authorities, the Government decides:

  1. The endorsement of the concept of the integrated system of electronic documents 
  2. To appoint the State Enterprise "Center of Special Telecommunications» as an Integrated System Operator of electronic documents within public authorities, and will implement this system to ensure operation, safety, maintenance and modernization of its further.
  3. Establishment of the beneficiary integrated system of electronic documents of the Government's public authorities.
  4. Ministry of Information, together with the Security and Information Service of
  5. Republic of Moldova will ensure the development and implementation of the integrated system of documents electronic public authorities in accordance with the concept adopted; within a month, will develop and submit for approval an action plan on creating integrated system of electronic documents within the public authorities and emergency actions necessary to create a Government Center.
  6. Control over the execution of this decision is the responsibility of the Government.

PRIME MINISTER  - Vasile Talev

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