Government Decision on Teaching Religion in Educational Institutions

No. 596  of 2 July 2010

Published: 06/07/2010 in the Official Gazette no. 114-116

   According to article 35 par. (8) and (9) of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, art.38 par. (2) of the Law on education no.547-XIII from 21 July 1995 and Art.32 par. (7) and (8) of the Law no.125-XVI from 11 May 2007 on religious organizations and their component parts, the Government DECIDES:
    1. that, beginning with the academic year 2010-2011, the primary and secondary school timetables shall include the discipline "Religion", which will be delivered optionally, upon pupils’ parents or guardians’ request.
    2. The Ministry of Education shall:
a) operate the necessary changes in educational plans for primary and secondary education;  
b) develop the curriculum and methodological guidelines for the discipline "Religion" and, until August 20, 2010, will deliver them to educational institutions;
    c) ensure the training for professors to teach the discipline in primary and secondary educational institutions;
    d) monitor the implementation of the provisions of educational plans for grades I to IX with respect to pupils’ religious education.

Prime-minister                                                                Vladimir FILAT
Minister of education                                                       Leonid Bujor
No. 596. Chişinău, 2 July 2010.
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