Legal Authorities in The Republic of Moldova

According to the Constitution, which was adopted on 29th of July 1994, the Parliament is the supreme representative organ and the single legislative authority of the state.
The main legislative body in the Republic of Moldova is the Parliament, a unicameral assembly, previously called the Supreme Soviet. Parliament is the supreme representative authority of the people and the sole legislative body of the state.
The Parliament is endowed with the powers to pass constitutional, organic and ordinary laws.
In a parliamentary representative governmental system of Moldova the Prime Minister plays the leading role of the Moldova government. In Moldova government the Prime Minister of Moldova is also the head of the multi party system.
The Republic of Moldova includes a unicameral legislature, The Parliament of Moldova was previously known as the Supreme Soviet. Now the Parliament of Moldova elects the president of Moldova for a four year term. The president of Moldova is the head of the state and he shares executive power with the Council of Ministers. Council of Ministers or the cabinet directs the activities of the government and the prime minister and the first deputy prime minister are the heads of the cabinet The Moldavian Parliament is a unicameral assembly, considered the supreme representative authority of the people and the sole legislative body of the state. It consists of 101 members elected by universal suffrage for a four-year term, who hold the permanent professional activity. Parliament may also meet in extraordinary or special meetings at the specific request of the President of the Republic of Moldova, of the President of Parliament or of a third of the members.
Parliamentary leadership consists of a chair and two deputy chairs elected by the delegates. The work of Parliament is carried out by fifteen permanent committees, which have purview in the following areas: agriculture and rural social development, crime prevention, culture and religion, ecology, the economy and the budget, foreign affairs, health and social assistance, human rights and relations among nationalities, law, legislative ethics, local administration and the local economy, public relations and the mass media, science and education, state security and military affairs, and women and family issues.
The structure, organization and functioning of the Parliament are set out by its Internal Rules. The Moldavian Parliament consists of a standing bureau, parliamentary fractions and commissions sharing the following powers:
  • to pass laws, decisions and motions; to declare the holding of referendums;
  • to provide legislative interpretations and ensure the legislative unity of regulations throughout the country;
  • to approve the main directions of the state's internal and external policy;
  • to approve the state's military doctrine;
  • to exercise parliamentary control over executive power in the ways and within the limits provided for by the Constitution;
  • to ratify, denounce, suspend and abrogate the action of the international treaties concluded by the Republic of Moldova;
  • to approve and control the national budget;
  • to supervise and control the allocation of State loans, the aid of an economic or other nature granted to foreign countries, the conclusion of agreements concerning State loans or credits obtained from foreign sources;
  • to elect and nominate State officials as foreseen by law;
  • to approve the orders, medals and awards of the Republic of Moldova;
  • to declare partial or general mobilization of the armed forces;
  • to declare the state of national emergency, martial law, and war;
  • to initiate investigations and hearings concerning any matters touching upon the interests of society and to suspend the activity of local institutions of public administration under the law.
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