Law On Subsistence

Chapter I - General Dispositions

Article 1. Purpose and scope:
(1) This Act establishes the legal framework for state regulation of minimum guarantees in income, in the implementation of state policies in the social field, proportional cost of living, ensuring an adequate standard of living.
(2) Subsistence minimum is used to:
     a) general assessment of level of living standards and key socio-demographic groups in the implementation of social policy;
     b) The rationale for amending the minimum wage in Moldova and minimum pension sizes for old age, the guaranteed minimum monthly income of the family, the sizes of grants, allowances and compensations.
(3) Subsistence use for the purposes set out in paragraph (2), b) is regulated by the laws appropriate, given by the state's financial possibilities.

Article 2. Definitions
In this law, the following definitions apply:
minimum of existence - indicator value is the size of the minimum volume of consumption of material goods and services to meet the main needs, maintain and support the viability of human health;
food cart - minimum range of food that provides normal operation and maintenance of human body's health;
food - natural or processed food for human consumption;
industrial goods - goods, other than food, which provides core human needs;
services rendered - work and activities aimed at ensuring the viability of man;
raw and mandatory contributions - premiums and mandatory health insurance contributions paid by individuals compulsory state;
people above the retirement age - people who have passed retirement age required to obtain the right to pension age in line with legislation.

Chapter II - Contained Dispositions

Article 3. Subsistence minimum size
(1) The size of subsistence minimum includes:
     a) size value of the food basket;
     b) expenses for purchasing industrial goods and for payment of services rendered;
     c) the size of premiums and contributions required.
(2) The amount of subsistence minimum per person in LEI is determined each month.

Article 4. Determination of subsistence
(1) subsistence minimum size is determined by the average person, territorially differentiated on the main socio-demographic groups of population.
2) The main socio-demographic groups of population are:
     a) children, including:
     up to one year;
     from one year up to 7 years;
     from 7 years to 18 years;
     b) men and women of working age;
     c) persons beyond retirement age.
3) minimum size to be calculated in all the country and separate cities (municipalities), other cities and villages.

Article 5. Calculation of subsistence
(1) The size of subsistence minimum is calculated quarterly and calendar year, normative-statistical method.
(2) The amount of subsistence minimum size is calculated by summing the value of the food basket of the costs to buy industrial goods and to pay for services and grants and contributions of quantities required.
(3) Estimate the value of the food basket size is made based on minimum food sets, formed by normative method, and the consumer prices of food products registered by the National Bureau of Statistics.
(4) Expenditures to purchase industrial goods and for payment of services and premiums and contributions required sizes are not standardized, but are calculated by statistical method, based on Household Budget Survey data.
(5) Calculation of subsistence minimum size shall be in accordance with the Regulation on the calculation of the subsistence minimum size approved by the Government.
(6) National Bureau of Statistics calculates the amount of subsistence and publish its quarterly and annual periodic editions.

Chapter III - Final Dispositions

Article 6
     Government, within six months after entry into force of this Law:
     a) Bring its legislation in conformity with this law;
     b) Submit proposals on bringing the legislation into conformity with this Law;
     c) Develop and adopt necessary regulations to implement this law.

Law On Subsistence was adopted on 07.08.2012, to view original source click here.
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