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"Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" legal office is mainly specialized in complex legal assistance to our foreign clients in Moldova in their commercial activities and foreign investment projects on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

At present time the permanent clients of "Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" are representative offices of Coca-Cola Imbuteliere Chisinau, and companies importing food products, SUDZUCKER International S.A., AVIS rent a car (Moldova) etc.

Nowadays our Company possesses experience of legal service on such subjects as development of restaurant and hotel business in Moldova, legal assistance to acquisition of industrial complexes on Moldovan territory and to other investment projects, legal services in the following key directions of its activity:

  • registration of commercial and non-commercial organizations in all their legal forms, including foreign investment companies;
  • representing of clients' interests in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction at any stage of the process;
  • dealings with judicial and law machinery, tax administration and assessors, and custom authorities, law enforcement authorities, antimonopoly committee, immigration office, representative office of Ministry of foreign affairs, other governmental and administrative bodies and structures;
  • legal assistance on the stage of enforcement of judgements of Moldovan and foreign courts, including enforcement of arbitration and court decisions.
Decision no. 75
of 10.29.2015

on the level of interest rates
National Bank of Moldova

Published: 11.06.2015 in the Monitorul Oficial no. 302-305 Article Number: 2222 Effective Date: 29.10.2015

In accordance to art. 27 para. (1) lit. a) of Law no. 548-XIII of 21 July 1995 on the National Bank of Moldova (Monitorul Oficial of the Republic of Moldova, 1995, no. 56-57, art. 624), as amended and supplemented, and the Strategy of Monetary Policy on the National Bank in medium terms (approved by Decision of the Board of the National Bank of Moldova no. 303 of 27 December 2012), taking into account the Inflation Report no. 4, 2015, the Executive Board of the National Bank of Moldova

1. To maintain the base rate applied on the main monetary policy operations on short term at the current level of 19.5 percent annually.

2. To maintain the interest rates:
a) on overnight loans at the current level of 22.5 percent annually;
b) overnight deposits at the current level of 16.5 percent annually.

3. This decision shall enter into force upon adoption and shall be published in the Monitorul Oficial of the Republic of Moldova.

Dorin Dragutanu

Nr. 75. Chisinau, October 29, 2015.

interest rates
In the Annex №3, paragraph 10 of the draft "Law on state social insurance budget for 2015" states that "the contributors to the budget of the obligatory state social insurance, which on 01.01.2015 has more than 10 employees taken on the basis of the individual employment contract or on the basis of other types of contracts, with the purpose of execution of works or services must provide the declaration of the insured persons for 2015, using a mandatory electronic reporting automated method using electronic signatures." The bill is awaiting approval by Parliament.

January 13 at the site of the National Social Insurance House, it was reported, which said about this innovation.

This provision was made in the context of developments relating to the provision of a monthly declaration forms of the assessment and the use of compulsory state social insurance (F4-BASS) and the declaration of the insured person (REV-5).

We remind you that to use the service "Mobile Signature" provided by mobile phone operators, have to pay from 10 to 50 lei per month. For mobile signature is independent of mobile operators, such as the electronic signature «MoldSign» Special telecommunication center must pay 390 lei in the first year, and 230 lei - for subsequent years.

This innovation will entail additional costs of economic agents related to the electronic signature, and the provision of electronic records will take longer.

To provide electronic declarations page is
 Moldavian Parliament adopted in the final reading of the bill on the control of tobacco products, developed by the Ministry of Economy. Now, in the republic will be prohibited sale of tobacco products from 22.00 to 08.00. The law also provides for a ban on the sale of fine and aromatic (menthol, vanilla, etc.) cigarettes and smoking in public places.
smoking ban

 No smoking in the car and on the balcony when children are near, in all kinds of public transport stations, stadiums, playgrounds, medical or educational institutions. In addition, you can not smoke in the elevators and common areas of apartment buildings, in playgrounds, in the borders of the territories occupied by beaches, in areas of social services, petrol stations, workplaces.

 Cigarette shops selling should be located at a distance of 200 meters from each other. They can not be placed closer than 50 meters to the educational and medical institutions.

 There are restrictions on the sale of cigarettes online, as well as their distribution via cell phones. It is forbidden to place cigarettes on visible places in commercial centers. For infringement of the law will be charged fines - up to 8000 MDL for individuals and up to 10 thousand MDL - for businesses.
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